Swusi – So What U’re Saying Is…

Welcome to the official site of Swusi! Swusi is currently an entertainment application for the Android market. You can use Swusi to translate and decipher all forms of DRUNK GIBBERISH, MUMBLING, and NONSENSE to find out what people are really trying to say!

Many people have said Swusi is outrageous, inappropriate and borderline offensive…that’s what makes it sooo funny! Swusi will provide hours and hours of entertainment because you never know what swusi will say next. Peeple Magazine has voted Swusi is the #1 GIBBERISH TRANSLATOR in the WORLD!

Swusi is by far the funniest application in the market. Use Swusi to entertain your friends and keep every one laughing till they poop themselves. Swusi will provides hours and hours of entertainment and laughs for everyone, even if they don’t have a sense of humor … just ask Mr. Norris himself.

Download the Swusi app now and get in on all the fun! Sooo What U’re Saying Is…. SWUSI!

iPhone app coming real soon!!

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